Tuesday, March 7, 2017

長亭怨慢 A man on discontentment at the Tall Pavilion


Preface: translated by Mr. Laurence Picken

"I much enjoy making songs myself. First, following the ideas, I make the long and short phrases. Afterwards I unite them with the pitches. In consequence, first and last sections (stanzas) are very different. 

Prefect Huan (312-373) said: "The willows planted in former years at Han-nan were fresh and green. Now I see they are tossed and scattered, sorrowing, in river and lake. If even trees are like this, how shall man bear such a burden?" I very much like these words."

詞牌:長亭怨慢 一名"長亭怨"      
姜夔自度中宮曲 Chung-lu Kung mode

Lyrics: translated by Mr. Laurence Picken

Little by little the fragrant fleece of the branches is blown away.
In every place, green shades the doors of people's houses.
Going round and round the distant creeks,
At sunset the sails scatter towards what places?
I have had much experience of the world.
What others could compare with the trees at the Tall ?
If trees were sentient,
They could not flourish like this.
The sun sets. Looking towards the high city wall, I cannot see it.
I see only scattered mountains without number.
Mr. Wei has departed.
How can I forget Jade-ring's commands?
The first is: to return very soon,
Least Red-calyx have no one to be her master.
Truly, even with sharp shears
It is difficult to cut the thousand threads of sadness at separation.



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