Monday, September 25, 2017

二十四詩品·含蓄 Hánxù, [Implicit]

唐 司空圖 (837-908)《二十四詩品·含蓄》

Tang, Si Kong Tu (837-908) wrote the [On Poetry] in 24 short chapters to describe the different styles or procedures of poetic creation.

Poems are flavor beyond flavor, image beyond image; invisible but can be perceptive; when words stop, thought is indefinitely prolonged.

Here I quote one of the 24 short chapters, Hánxù, "Implicit", and translate below...

"Not mention a word, yet it is fully distinguished and admirable.
Wording has not mentioned the bitterness or difficulty, but the implication between the words is enough to make people feel the sorrow.
The true content and emotion has to come out naturally, so the poem won't flow away from its core. As the full yet endless wine coming out from filtering; or flowers in a blooming season encounters cold weather, so it slows down as not to be exposed.
Flying dust in the air, uncountable foams in the ocean, they come and go lightly or heavily.
The poet only needs to take one of them, already everything is received."