Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Journals from FB 2017 February

一日三秋 A day without seeing her is like three autumn has passed.

Remind me a tea I had yesterday called 一日三秋... haha, now I know why that tea maker giving this name.

"一日三秋" was originally from The Chinese Classic of Poetry, Shi Jing 詩經,國風-王風-采葛

彼采艾兮,一日不見,如三歲兮 。

There she is gathering the dolichos!
A day without seeing her,
Is like three months!

There she is gathering the oxtail-southern-wood!
A day without seeing her,
Is like three autumns!

There he is gathering the mugwort!
A day without seeing her,
Is like three years!

Friendship of Junzi, as light and pure as water which I praise highly. Miss all my friends in NY and NJ.


When playing the #guqin , listen to it, have conversation with it by heart, not dominate it.#freergalleryofart #laozi playing qin.

  • Jianzimulanhua•Qin By Su Shi Translated by Xu Yuanchong 減字木蘭花 (from Xiao Fan's Instagram)

    Leisurely and tranquil,
    When all voices are hushed, the sky and earth seem still.
    Before a tune is played
    By fingers and Qin of jade, its fleeting is conveyed.
    The breeze saddens the stream,
    The Qin exhales an unfulfilled eternal dream.
    Sleepless when back, I hear
    Its music lingering all night long in the ear. *Xu used the word "lute" for Qin

  • 神閑意定。萬籟收聲天地靜。玉指冰弦。未動宮商意已傳。 悲風流水。寫處寥寥千古意。歸去無眠。一夜餘音在耳邊。
  • 2/24/2017
  • --------------------------
sometimes, you just don't want to do anything, don't want to have any responsibility, don't want to react... but 發呆 (daze, according to google translation)... That is when doing 發呆, I see the plant in front of me and took this photo.

"People of the Book" 有經者 

Crispy ice after snow melt
Even the cat's walking attitude is different
Joyfully waiting for the Spring coming
photographer: Peiyou Chang

苦與樂是一體兩面, 唯有無心, 無得失心, 利害心, 才能生生不息離苦得樂
bitterness and happiness is one of the two sides. Unwittingly lofty mind will keep them balanced.
Taichi in our pond.

The earliest survived qin song by Song dynasty Jiang Kui - Gu Yuan 宋 姜夔 詞曲-古怨. Men's voice will be better.


all my qin students are angels, bodhisattva to me. Just finished copying down Master Chen Changlin's dapu of Heartsutra. 有些因緣真是不可言喻, 感謝我的古琴學生, 他們都是我的天使與菩薩.

心經 以六正五之齋琴譜

Checked the original one. Master Chen did one correction and one modification. 陳長林先生根據原譜作了一個修正及加了一個音做為調整



Very good article. Conversation between Pipa masters Wang Fandi and Wuman. Can be reflect to Guqin as well. "Playing Pipa as Guitar?" The lost of traditional essentials.


Bosatsu on Clouds, 1053 AD Byoudou-in Temple 平等院雲中供養菩薩


香度落花前 Fragrance passing in front of falling flowers
影飄垂葉外 shadow floating outside of dangle leave
Photographer: Peiyou Chang

淡寫春生 light ink on lively spring
Photographer: Peiyou Chang

Wen Zheng-ming [Poetical Essay on the Qin]


白雪 [西麓堂琴統] 一小段泛音片段, 其指法非常講究. 為什麼不用"抹挑"而用"勾剔", 為什麼不用"勾"而要用"摘".值得玩味.

While practicing White Snow from XLTQT, noticed that the fingerings for both hands were designed well, dedicated and meaningful. Why not using "muo tiao" instead of "gou ti"? Why not using "gou" instead of "zhai"? worth of study.



Ice is deep as three feet

Pure white covered thousand miles

My heart is like the pine and cypress

What is yours like then?

-- Chinese folk song from 420-589

北宋 趙佶, 宋徽宗 《溪山秋色圖》 纸本,97x53cm,台北故宫博物院藏

Autumn Colors on Mountains and Streams by Emperor Song Hui Zong, Zhao Ji. Currently in Taipei Palace Museum collection.




qin = passion


Qin making master Mr. Tsai's website.


【 雍正 《行書七言聯》 】 “ 琴有澗風聲轉澹,心如止水鑑常明。” 鈐印:為君難、朝乾夕惕、雍正宸翰。
Qin has gully has wind and sound turns light (bland). Heart as calm as water reflects brightness constantly.
Seals: Hard to be a king.
Diligent day and night without any negligence and slack. 
Yong Zheng Chen Han


Life is like the marks on snow. When the timing is right, things happen. When the cause is no longer there, things disappear.
I want to give a million thanks to a good friend, Yves, who helps me to find the soul of this music. He also encourages me to continue expend the music. I know once I think too much, I have intention to destroy my original pure thought. So while I am still working on expending it, I'd also like to have a record of where I started.

往事所留下的痕跡, 逐漸淡去, 最終無痕. I have more and more feeling to just leave the music like it is now.