Friday, August 30, 2019

字如其人 琴如其人

把書道改為琴道, 完全能通. (The principal concept of the practicing of Chinese calligraphy is the same as practicing the qin)
功為技法, 性為性情, (Gong, work or exercise, is the skill; while Xing, quality or character, is the personality or character)
有功無性, 神采不生(Having Gong but no Xing, the expression or spirit won't come out)
有性無功, 神采不實 (Having Xing but no Gong, the expression or spirit won't be solid, honest and true)
功的目的是為表達內心情性, 最後要超越功法, 只觀神采((如唐朝張懷瓘的文字論所說)

字如其人, 琴如其人

The purpose of Gong is for expressing spirit and personality. After the Gong has been achieved, one has to forget about it and focus on observing one's own spirit.

To appreciate a calligrapher's brush writing is to look for his or her characters; the same as listening to a qin player's qin music, the listener is listening to the player's personality and spirit.