Monday, May 15, 2017

雅變俗了? getting popular, become vulgar?

Recently saw this article -- 聽古琴, 聽的是甚麼

It says we should listen to "old-fashioned" (google translate) and not chasing the modern fashion (such as more focus on performance effect, showy)

Vulgarity on the guqin #1: impatient (not giving enough time for the lingering sound) and showy.

Vulgarity on the guqin #2: compete with western music instrument. #3: strengthen the individuality of performance, weaken the traditional way of performance. Using metal string instead of silk string. more pretentious but lack of simplicity; aiming for fame, lack of humble manner.

When things getting popular, it will become vulgar.
當原本"雅"的東西開始大眾化時, 雅就變俗了

Another nice article to read, shared from a fb friend. Different time different situation of the guqin. The essential quality of the qin does not change, what changed is human's mind which can lead the life of the guqin to either a disaster or becomes vulgar.
A little sad qin modern history... because of its small volume, majority of people don't know how to appreciate the guqin music. In a public qin concert in Beijing, "周作人寫王露北大首演,抱怨場地大,琴聲小,聽不清,遠觀好像一個人在打算盤" looking from far, you hear nothing but see a man playing abacus... In 1941, Lao She heard Zha Fuxi and Peng Qiqing's qin and xiao duet, during the period of war, in Kunming, a dirty small courtyard. Lao She felt that the sound of the qin and xiao washed away the situation of dirty, "everyone's heart has released a fragrance."

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