Friday, May 26, 2017

腔音 Intonation of qin/human voice

Qin sound 琴音 and Human's unfixed tone (tone with intonation 腔音) are related. You will not say Piano sound 鋼琴音 and human's unfixed tone are related. This graphic of Yin Nao Chuo Zhu says it clearly. Especially to Sino-Tibetan languages, 漢藏語系

Guqin imitate the Beijing Opera intonation. Very interest to hear the recording. Qin player: Mr. Gong Yi. 他们尝试用古琴演奏法中的“走音”来表现人声的拖腔,用“单弹”,来表现“喷口”

這個在臉書上看到的影片, 好笑之餘, 順便聽三種腔音 :)

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