Sunday, May 14, 2017

漁歌 Fisherman Song

This might not be legal, so please do not share. Only listen for private use. Thanks. 我自己上傳的, 可能不合法. 所以請勿轉載, 謝謝. 私下聆聽即可.
"Fisherman Song" by Master Wu Zhaoji. A wonderful piece of ancient Guqin music.

五之齋琴譜稱其為"神品". Masterpiece.
踈 shū 古同“疏”。蕭疎: まばらでもの寂しいさま。蕭: sighing of wind, 踈: neglect. shū 攄: express.
幽情 : exquisite feelings, 冷韻: hard to translate, literally means cold sound, I'd like to translate it as cooler tone of sound.

so many description about this piece. If using one word, sublime

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