Tuesday, January 10, 2017

酒狂 Drunken Madness

"遠鶴無前侶,孤雲寄太虛。狂來輕世界,醉裏得真如。" -- 懷素 [自敘帖]
"狂" 對我來說絕不是發狂失控或情緒激動. "醉裏得真如" 是我一直想去體會的. 書法中的草書不失為引介.
Playing Drunken Madness, I don't feel the playing should presenting a "madness" or emotional out of control. As the phrase from the Tang Dynasty Buddhist monk and calligrapher, Huai Su's [self-post] "Flying far away the crane, with no companion. Floating clouds alone, entrusted to the Void. When mind is free and unrestrained, he look down the world. As drunkenness, one gets real."
In the running style Cursive writing of Chinese calligraphy, I find inspiration.

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